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I love the nature of using such an old set of tools in the context of a contemporary public feed. Working the paper and posting the images is as immediate as the responses from one image to the next."

"I arrived to my studio and the space behind me was holding auditions. I considered going home to draw but I knew my dishes had piled up and I would spend more time being upset about the clutter than resolving it. I went to my larger studio and the ceiling was being painted. The Phillips Hotel has an ongoing artist in residency program called Hello Art. I called the woman in charge, Kelly Jander, and asked for a room, a self-appointed micro residency. I brought only my basics- pen, paper, ink. I responded to myself in a space attempting to maintain neutral energy. I felt the shadows of bodies sleeping, fucking, showering in a room redressed every day to appear unfettered by any recent happenings. The work spilled out of me. I ordered a Bulleit with a large ice cube at three from room service and drew without stopping until dark. When I went to post a few images, I realized the bodies were too exposed for Instagram and Facebook. I began to use the ink as a veil. I released and manipulated where the pigment fell across the page focusing on masking nipples and genitals. The black pools drooled around the heads and became sinister and succubus. The drawings and the room are both a suite. I feel like a cross between Eloise and Gaby Hoffman working alone in temporary luxury. 

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