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Find My Fear and Unfold Me

Blue Gallery

The Rape of Zeus.jpg

Find My Fear and Unfold Me is Peregrine Honig’s exhibition of new work. Consisting of over thirty paintings, portraits, and sculpture using materials that include, gouache, acrylic on hot press, silverpoint, ink, rabbit skin glue, pigment, graphite, and enamel. This work presents contemporary thought questioning male-dominated visualization in art history using comparisons of sexuality and mythology. This exhibition’s central painting, The Rape of Zeus, is consistent with Honig’s oeuvre. Zeus, the most potent character in Greek mythology, is seen as a typical and hormonal male. The Swan is viewed as a comparable figure, performing fellatio on Zeus. Symbols of the God Zeus, including his wearing of horns and oak leaves in the painting, does not confirm his dominance here and the viewer is unsure whether he is receiving pleasure or pain from the Swan. This imagery is not about gender dominance but exploring the gray areas of sexuality. Included in this exhibition are a series of twelve studies providing a further exploration into these sexual dynamics where one sees the most striking feature throughout is Honig’s highly refined skills as an anatomist. The curvature of the Swan’s body to Zeus’ buttocks are seen as lush and arresting. All the show’s works feature Honig’s fluid painting style as rich in historical context. Her use of color and movement calls back to both the Art Nouveau style and musical concert and protest posters of the 1960’s. Find My Fear and Unfold Me is a visually stimulating exhibition that brings together Honig’s talents as an artist and provocateur.

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